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Our story

Our story began at a local community centre held near Pedley Street in Spitalfields, London. It was an informal get together with some of the nearby estate’s tenants to discuss how we could sponsor and provide our branding and digital expertise to communicate and promote local issues for the neighbourhood.

This engagement provided us with an insightful opportunity to talk to many people of diverse, ethnic backgrounds, and meet some of the disadvantaged young people living around these estates in the East End.

It was through these conversations, we quickly realised some of the profound challenges they face each day that a majority of us take advantage of, such as obtaining appropriate resources to go about their early education studies or the financial challenges they will face to further progress in their specialised area of interests.

It was these heartfelt engagements that left us with a lasting impression and led us on our charitable journey to help support the growth of untapped talent by encouraging these young people to boost their creative skills and mindfulness support; bringing new employment prospects, economic regeneration and growth in the local area and wider community.