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Creative training

At LUV Charity, we deliver mentoring and creative training workshops to underprivileged young people living in the London Boroughs. Discover more about our collaborative training workshops, our short course and mentoring programs below.

Collaborative creative training workshops

Our charity collaborates with local authority partners to provide creative training, mindfulness support, advice, assistance, workshops, and other activities as a means of empowering youths. We have collaborated with The Photography Foundation (TPF) to deliver a branding and self-promotion workshop as well as a website building workshop.

Our 8-week creative training course

This course focuses on providing support and guidance to young people struggling to break their way into the creative industry. Each session focuses on branding and self-promotion; identifying hard and soft skills; cv and cover letter support; and creating a successful portfolio website.

Creative mentoring and coaching

We provide guidance, support, and career advice through our creative mentoring program. We also offer coaching sessions to help participants set and achieve their personal and professional goals.