Provide training, mindfulness support and advice to disadvantaged young people, who are interested in seeking a career in the creative industry. 

Training, mindfulness support and advice for disadvantaged people

We’ve focused on supporting and harnessing these young talents to encourage them to boost their skillset in new and existing areas; therefore bringing new employment prospects and economic regeneration and growth to the area.

Learn simple creative exercises to help you set a potential career in the design industry

Through hands-on activities designed and practised by our creative experts, you’ll gain practical skills to help you learn from UI, UX and Digital Development and find inspiration. Working with our funders, our bespoke creative classes are aimed at disadvantaged young people, who are interested in seeking a career in the creative industry. We will help you grow your creative confidence and unlock their creative potential. Gain the tools and mindsets to break patterns, generate new ideas, and take creative leaps.

Our typical 4 week Creative Training Course (CTC) includes:

Week 1

We will begin with a lecture that will highlight the different roles that work together to create a website including UI designer, UX designer and developers. 

Based on the information from the lecture, we will then ask them to take a quiz to test the participants on what they have learnt. A QA feedback session at the end of each workshop will allow the participants to ask the design experts for advice on any queries or questions they have.

Week 2

We will begin with a lecture in UX design which will cover user system design, user personas and designing wireframes.

Week 3

We will begin with a lecture that will discuss the atomic design process, which is a design method that breaks down a design into its basic components, such as shape, text choice, colour, and imagery. We will encourage the participants to take part in a group activity to analyse a series of website pages to understand the breakdown of the elements that form the design.

Week 4

We will begin with a lecture on design accessibility. We will explore different design tools to test accessibility and cover the different areas of accessibility including hearing, sight, and mobility impairments.

After the outcome of the training experience, we can offer limited work experience opportunities for the individuals with our experts and further career advisory.

Interested in our training opportunities?

Please drop us a line if you are interested in participating in our classes, with your name, contact number, email and London Borough you live at

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