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Help us to give more young people opportunities to seek a career in the creative activities, education and careers.

Sarata’s story 

“I’m happy to have been part of this amazing project because supporting children to be the best version of themselves is so fulfilling for me. The children at Eliot bank School were so welcoming and this helped me to not only develop my networking skills but also enjoy my time with LUV. I learned the importance of The Daily Mile and the positive impact it has on these children. I remember hearing a child say that The Daily Mile has helped him/her focus more in school. I felt so overwhelmed because it’s really the little that you do that matters.”

Support us

With your help, we can provide more free training, mindfulness support and advice to disadvantaged young people, who are are interested in seeking a career in the creative industry. Our goal of engaging at least 1000 young people each year. We believe it is important to be able to continue providing these enriching opportunities at no cost to the attendees in order to include the most diverse range of young people.

Your support will enable us to continue

  • Delivering FREE workshops
  • Delivering high-quality education & standards
  • Attracting quality mentors, speakers and events who are experts in their field
  • Ensuring that workshops and events are planned with precision and delivered in a challenging, fun, and engaging way.
  • Develop your CV, feedback & progression with a creative designer whilst developing your skills in InDesign
  • Free advice to different educational paths that can be taken to have a career as a creative designer
  • Hardware, so the young people always have access to their own laptops/tablets throughout the workshop experience.

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