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Creative mentoring and coaching


1-hour mentoring sessions

Course focus

Mentoring and coaching for Self-promotion, branding, digital and CV support


In-person or virtually via Google Meet

Programme overview

During our creative mentoring workshops, our creative facilitators will share their knowledge and skills to help our mentees develop and grow as aspiring graphic designers. Our goal is help our mentees reach their fullest potential by providing advice and support for some of the common challenges designers may face today; and discuss the impact some of these issues have on their lives, goals and plans.

Topics we cover
We understand that each individual will have their own unique set of challenges; and our creative facilitators will do their best to support each individual.

During our workshops, we can provide practical support for individuals who want to develop their own self-promotional material including:

  • Physical portfolio advice
  • Online portfolio advice
  • Promoting yourself on social media
  • CV support

We are also open to advise individuals on career development by discussing the following topics:

  • In-house design jobs vs studio jobs
  • Freelance vs full-time employment
  • Finding a job after graduating
  • Finding self-confidence
  • Understanding roles, routes and responsibilities

Who can apply for the mentorship
Our mentorship is open for young adults aged 18+ and is open to graphic designers of all levels.

How is the programme run?
For us, it is important that we make our mentorships as accessible as possible. We can deliver in-person mentoring workshops across London. Alternatively, we offer one-to-one virtual chats via Google Meet where we will listen, question and provide feedback to our mentees. Our mentoring sessions are completely free. Due to demand it may not be possible to take on every request, but we will endeavour to accommodate as many as possible.

We are currently running these sessions on a one-off basis, with contingencies in place for mentees that may require further advice.

Interested in our mentorship programme?

Get in touch today and tell us what you would like to cover in your mentorship workshop.