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Our creative training course

Interested in a career in the graphic design industry? Our free 6-week programme is aimed at aspiring designers who are struggling to break in to a career in the design industry.


Five workshops over five weeks (1 workshop per week)

Course focus

Self-promotion, branding, CV support and creating a successful website portfolio

Course Location

In-person or virtually via Google Meet.

Course overview

Interested in a career in graphic design but not sure where to start? Our 5-week programme is tailored to aspiring designers who are interested in understanding possible career pathways within the graphic design industry including branding and website UI and UX design. We will also cover some of the basic design fundamentals including understanding the design process, layout and typography principles. In the last two weeks of the programme, we discuss the importance of self-promotion, finding your specialty and providing one-to-one portfolio and CV support to each trainee. Discover an in-depth summary of the programme below.

Workshop schedule

Workshop 1: Life as a graphic designer and career pathways

We will begin the workshop with introductions from each creative facilitator and trainee. Following on from this, we will discuss what we do as creative designers at LUV, our design agency partner, including the sectors we work in and projects we work on. This will lead us on to a discussion about different career pathways within the graphic design industry with a focus on the skills you need and software you use on a daily basis.

Workshop 2: Understanding the design process, the importance of layout in design, typography and colour

The design principles are a set of considerations that form the basis of any good design. We will begin the workshop with an introduction into the Atomic Design process, which is a methodology we use for every design project. During this, we will discuss some of the key fundamentals that need to be factored in during the design process including layout, typography and colour.

Workshop 3: Careers in brand identity design and what forms a good brand identity

This week we will discuss careers in the brand design industry. We will cover some of the fundamentals of creating a good brand identity and the skills and tools you will need to be a brand designer. We will discuss the key elements that need to be considered when establishing a brand guidelines as well as useful ways to creatively present your ideas.

Workshop 4: Careers in web design

During this workshop we will cover the different job roles within the web design industry and how you can transition skills as a graphic designer to UI and UX design. We will discuss the different software we use and the process for creating a successful website.

Workshop 5: Self promotion, Portfolio and CV support

Now that we have covered a variety of different career paths within the design industry, it is now time to find your specialty and understand your purpose as an aspiring designer. We will also cover the importance of self-promotion and how it can be used effectively to promote yourself and specialties. We will provide a guide on how to create a successful physical and online portfolio and CV. At the end of the session, we will provide one-to-one portfolio and CV mentoring sessions for each trainee.

How is the programme structured?

This programme lasts 6 weeks. You are required to attend LUV studio in Bayswater once a week from 9am – 1pm on a Wednesday.

There will not be any set homework required but we recommend developing your portfolio and CV in your spare time so we can provide guidance and support.

Application criteria

We understand that all trainees that begin on our programme will have different strengths and areas for development. This is why we’re interested in working with people who are enthusiastic and have the desire to develop their skills and have a keen understanding of establishing a career in the graphic design industry.

All applicants must meet the following criteria to be considered for the programme:

  • Aged 18-30 when the programme starts

This course would suit individuals who:

  • Want a career change and are interested in a career as a graphic designer, UX or UI designer but unsure how to get in to these industries
  • A school or university graduate that is struggling to get a job in the creative industry

Who will teach the trainees?

Partners and Staff from LUV will facilitate the workshops and training programme. Our staff members have many years of experience within the design industry. Discover more about our creative facilitators on our About us page.

Is this course accredited?

No, the programme is not accredited but when you complete the programme, you will receive a certificate issued by LUV Charity.

How much is the course?

This 6-week course is free to all trainees. Our courses are funded through a combination of grants, donations, and corporate sponsorships. We also seek partnerships with creative companies and organizations who share our mission and can provide additional resources and support.

Previous workshops we have delivered

Interested in enrolling?

Register your interest today or if you have any questions about the programme, get in touch with us.