measuring social value

Our online social value reporting can capture and track all social value generating activities. This means an overall annual social impact calculation can be provided.

Tracking, measuring, and evaluating the social value commitments

Our innovative systems follow up with key partners and stakeholders from across the business during each project or initiative to capture the key metrics and outcomes that matter.

By tracking, measuring, and evaluating the social value commitments, it becomes transparent to the project team to obtain an insight of progress and targets.

In addition, it provides standards by which we can benchmark our projects and provides targets for improvements.

We strongly believe that as a charitable organisation that delivers on equality not only fulfil from a social value perspective, but in a long run will gain greater employee retention, smaller skills gaps, more motivated workforce and ultimately adds value to us as an organisation as well as to the people who we work for.

Our flexible platform enables us to identify, capture and report on all our social value metrics:

Dashboards & reporting

Market leading data collection & auditing

Flexible metrics & calculation framework

Configurable metrics & proxy values:

Uniquely our systems enables you to track and report your social value activities flexibly using a range of different metrics

Tailor dashboards & social value reporting:

Our flexible reporting system allows you to focus on what really matters, including dashboard overviews of key metrics and targets plus the ability to deep dive into specific qualitative and quantitative data.

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