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At LUV, we take pride in helping our community and ensuring that we put a smile on the faces of those that we meet. We have partnered with Inspire Lewisham to support a resident of Lewisham to develop skills and provide support in finding employment opportunities within the creative industries.

We are proud to announce that we had hired Sarata, a young person from the Lewisham Borough, to join us and form part of our integral creative team during the delivery of two posters for the Childhood Obesity Trailblazer Programme (COTP) and Public Health Lewisham over the last couple of months.

As you may have seen in our latest news post, the aim of this project was to collaborate together to design a new poster for the The Daily Mile to promote Exercise participation and to design a healthy eating poster for Lewisham Council to create awareness of the benefits of eating a healthy balanced diet.

Sarata has supported us throughout this design process of this project. During the research stage, she assisted us with our workshops with Eliot Bank School to gather research and feedback for The Daily Mile poster. We also provided Sarata with guidance on her CV to support her in career development.

Here is a message from our Apprentice about her experience working with LUV:
“I’m happy to have been part of this amazing project because supporting children to be the best version of themselves is so fulfilling for me. The children at Eliot bank School were so welcoming and this helped me to not only develop my networking skills but also enjoy my time with LUV. I learned the importance of The Daily Mile and the positive impact it has on these children. I remember hearing a child say that The Daily Mile has helped him/her focus more in school. I felt so overwhelmed because it’s really the little that you do that matters.

Furthermore, being able to go on this Apprentice programme has helped me immensely because I can now say I have more confidence to apply for graduate jobs in Marketing. The LUV team did not only help me develop a professional CV through sites like Canva, that will suit my career but they’ve also helped me understand the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). In which they demonstrated throughout The Daily Mile project whilst creating these healthy eating posters for children. Creating awareness of Obesity and taking action through networking to beat the unhealthy risks it may have on our children in the local community defines Corporate Social Responsibility. Lastly, I would like to say thank you so much LUV for collaborating with Inspire lewisham to support people like myself to reach higher.”

We are proud to announce that Sarata has now recently found employment since working with us and we wish her good luck in her career progression!